How to Lead the Devotional

WELCOME: Welcome your group and open in prayer. A candle may be lit to help signify the beginning of a special time set aside for connecting with God and His Word. Remind students that they are invited to be open to what they hear, see, and feel during this time. Acknowledge that some people may have had a rough day today, and some people may not necessarily believe all that is shared here tonight. No one will be forced to speak or to pray–everyone is simply asked to show maturity and respect.

FIRST READING: Read, or have a volunteer read, the evening’s FIRST SCRIPTURE READING (Usually the Old Testament reading here). You may share a few discussion questions—and/or a related interactive activity—at the close of each reading.

SHARING: Allow and encourage kids and adults to share times they may have ‘experienced’ God, or noticed things God has done in their lives this week. You may also invite the sharing of “struggles.” AKA: “Blessings and Struggles.

SECOND READING: Read, or have a volunteer read, the GOSPEL READING. Allow kids to respond in discussion or through activity options.

PRAYER: Lead a time of prayer that includes prayers of (1.) Thanks, (2.) needs of Others, and (3.) needs of Self.

CLOSING: Close with the final PSALM READING. SUGGESTION: Print copies and use multiple readers, reading a verse at a time. Have someone close in prayer followed by the Lord’s Prayer, and finally, extinguish the candle!

Why do we use the selected RCL readings?  To find out, click here.