The Iona Project

What is the Iona Project?

“The Iona Project chapel immersion program offers internships for those interested in a shared life of prayer and scripture in community, while serving together in a residential childcare setting.”

Who are they?

They are six single young adults–three guys and three girls–from all over the world. They come to Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch to serve together for a full year. Each program year begins June 1st.

You can check out year-end capstone presentations by Kirsten, Dean, Molly, Primrose and Tim:


What do they do?

We believe life formed in prayer together in scripture is vital to everything we are called to do. So the Iona group’s life is rooted in spiritual discipline. The backbone of the program looks like this:

  A 9-month cover-to-cover reading of the entire Bible.

  Weekly Communion, and 4 hours per week of guided fixed-hour prayer.

   Fifty-six hours of Cal Farley’s trauma-informed childcare training.

  Thirty-five hours of supervised youth ministry each week.

The year also involves prayer retreats, spiritual formation activities, theology and ministry training, a weekly community meal, and a final capstone presentation. Those completing all requirements of the program receive a Certificate in Spiritual Formation & Youth Ministry from the Cal Farley’s Childcare Institute. Continue reading “The Iona Project”